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Concierge services are the ultimate perk
to attract and retain top talent.

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Leverage Concierge provides innovative concierge services to improve employee engagement, enhance productivity and help companies thrive in a competitive global market.

Concierge Services

Leverage Concierge is passionate about delivering extraordinary experiences. Concierge specialists work directly with clients to design employee benefit programs that support work-life balance, improve employee satisfaction, and strengthen company culture.

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Program Offerings

Leverage Concierge offers highly personalized, integrated and scalable program models. Unique hybrid programs can include onsite concierge and errand running, patient concierge, and virtual offerings, as well as an online discount portal and work-life referrals.

Leverage Concierge
Yields Big Returns

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Mobile App

The Leverage Concierge App offers convenient access to virtual personal assistance and concierge services. Available for iOS and Android devices.